Automatic PET dispenser

Automatic PET dispenser

An automatic dispenser for PET is designed for the automatic dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals. Its purpose is to facilitate, improve and accelerate the work along with a significant reduction in the undesirable effect of irradiation. Thanks to the software we can control the device, and in the case of a network failure, we can do everything manually.

The automatic dispenser for PET has many facilities:

  • It provides easy and fast operation. When a specific activity is requested, the system automatically draws the dose into a screened syringe with high precision – the dose is ready to be administered to the patient.
  • By reducing manual preparation and manipulation of the isotope, the dose burden on the fingers and body is greatly reduced.
  • The need to manipulate the unshielded vial is eliminated.
  • The screen displays information about the remaining volume and activity in the vial. Additionally, the system takes into account the half-life correction of the isotope
  • The automatic dispenser for PET is built from a standard commodity – this ensures very low operating costs. Simple machines and advanced electronics guarantee low maintenance costs.
  • The vial with isotope is shielded by more than 65 mm of Pb – it does not require additional shielding of the work surface.
  • The station cooperates with the patient database – preparing administered doses.
  • Extremely small dimensions due to the use of tungsten (W) as a shielding material

Additionally, Lynax, through its unique solutions, offers an automatic dispenser for PET for two vials for two different isotopes. The solution is unique for facilities that work with more than one isotope on the same day. The station provides complete protection against contamination and speeds up the work completely. In addition, the plant saves space and can place one compact station instead of two.

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