C-11 Pro2 iPhase Radiosyntetyzer

C-11 Pro2 iPhase Radiosyntetyzer

The CC-11 Pro2 is a new generation synthesizer designed over many years. The main goal was to simplify the routine production of C-11 radioactivity as much as possible.

11CO2 gas is trapped at room temperature and rapidly released using a volume-optimized molecular sieve column. Additionally, capable of producing methyl iodide or methyl triflate by “wet”-chemical labeling, it is done by traditional reaction vial or loop labeling at room temperature * and has built-in HPLC purification.

The C-11 Pro2 is a complete solution for all C-11 production requirements in one unit.

Select the synthesis route.

Moreover, the C-11 Pro2 makes it easy to choose the optimal synthesis path:

With a single-use reformulation cassette (S.P.E. Reformulation Cassette), you can easily meet the strictest GMP requirements. Such cassettes help avoid cross-contamination and will ensure reproducibility of the synthesis. It is also possible to use unauthorized cassettes so that the synthesis can be modified in any way.

Publications using iPhase systems can be found here. here.

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