EC-Detector – Electrochemical detector for PET QC analysis

EEC-Detector – Electrochemical detector for PET QC analysis

LabLogic’s proprietary Logi-CHROM electrochemical detector meets rapid analysis requirements for detection sensitivity, acquisition frequency, and separation temperature. This detector enables the user to perform all PET and non-PET HPLC applications where electrochemical detection is routinely used. 

The electrochemical detector keeps the column and flow cell (separation and detection) at a very accurate and stable temperature. In addition, the EC detector is equipped with ADF (advanced digital filter) technology and a new generation electrochemical flow cell to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio and improve sensitivity. 

Like all LabLogic products, the Logi-CHROM EC detector is designed to exceed regulatory requirements. With no buttons on the front panel, the operator cannot change any validated method parameters, except for the Laura for PET software for radiochromatography, which includes a full audit trail. 

The electrochemical detector is part of LabLogic’s leading PET solution and can operate as a stand-alone instrument or as one of the modules within the Logi-CHROM HPLC series. 

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