F-18 FlexLab for the manufacture of F-18 radiolabel radiopharmaceuticals

F-18 FlexLab for the manufacture of F-18 radiolabel radiopharmaceuticals

FlexLab is the most versatile F-18 radiosynthesizer specifically suited for research, development, and fully automated multi-step production of F-18-based radiosynthesizers.

FlexLab allows radiochemists to fully automate the radiosynthesis of multistep compounds. As a result, it improves its efficiency, simplifying daily production and, most importantly, reducing radiation exposure to operators. The consequence is the complete elimination of any manual processes.

Open yourself up to new opportunities!

FlexLab is the only radiosynthesizer that is able to fully automate all of the following synthesis steps:

On the other hand, the FlexLab HPLC System is designed to provide radiochemists with all the tools needed to purify complex multistep compounds. In addition, dual injectors enable independent HPLC purification and synthesis by using independent loops and columns. The system automatically selects between two different HPLC columns and provides a bypass.

Notable is the Fiber Optic UV Flow Cell coil mounted inside the hot cell.  It frees up valuable space, compared to a standard UV detector. In addition, fully automated quarterly solvent elution during radiosynthesis can be easily performed. A recipe file defines all parameters.

Reduce your lab maintenance costs!

You no longer need a large and expensive research cell to house all the equipment needed for complex multi-step synthesis. FlexLab fits easily into compact hot cells. The minimum internal dimensions are only 72 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (W x H x D)

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