Flow-through radio-HPLC detector

Flow-through radio-HPLC detector.

LabLogic’s Flow-RAM radio-HPLC detector for PET/SPECT is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern laboratory. The Flow-RAM radio-HPLC system is available not only as a single radio-HPLC detector, but also as a dual unit, allowing you to set different parameters for each detector while saving valuable bench space. 

With a wide range of detectors suitable for both low and high levels of radioactivity, the Flow-RAM radio HPLC system is an ideal tool for quality control and research. 

The Flow-RAM radio-HPLC detector is designed to exceed regulatory requirements. Features such as a single power button combined with the standard Laura for PET QC software provide users with the highest level of regulatory compliance. 

Flow-RAM control, digital data acquisition, analysis and reporting can be controlled by Laura for PET software, the standard software for SPECT / PET radiochromatography. 

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