Hidex O-15 Designated Water Generator

Hidex O-15 Designated Water Generator

The O-15 labeled water generator allows for the highest quality testing. 

Currently, the biggest problem with the use of the O-15 isotope in imaging studies is its very short half-life (about 2 minutes). In turn, the significant overproduction of tracers causes excessive radiation exposure to personnel. Furthermore, quality control is also very difficult (or even impossible) due to technical reasons.

These problems are solved by Hidex’s automatic water generator. It is designed to work with both PET-CT and PET/MR equipment. The O-15 generator can work with any cyclotron installed in the facility. In addition, it is easy to connect and has built-in scintillation detectors for dose control.

In addition, training and IQ/OQ documentation can be provided upon request.

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