Radiometric detectors

Radiometric detectors

Innovative, versatile, and reliable Flow-RAM radio-HPLC scanner

Flow-RAM is an HPLC scanner for PET/SPECT from LabLogic. It is designed to meet all the requirements of the modern nuclear medicine laboratory. The Dual Flow-RAM version supports up to two flow detectors used simultaneously and independently for maximum performance in a 2-in-1 solution.


Flow-RAM is available in single or dual detector configurations, wherein the latter detector can be configured individually and used for different analytical tasks. In addition, control of its operation is possible in the dedicated Laura for PET software, and with a wide selection of detectors available for low and high activities, an instrument is an ideal tool for quality control and scientific research.

Compliance with requirements

In addition, the user can set all parameters of the Flow-RAM detector with special Laura for PET software. The device only has a button for switching on and a display of operating parameters. In addition, controlled access and recording of all settings changes make it easy to perform audit-trial checks.

Audit with Laura for PET

Work parameters, analysis, and reports as well as communication are provided by Laura for PET – a leading radiochromatography software developed by LabLogic.

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