Syntetyzer MultiSyn iPhase

Syntetyzer MultiSyn iPhase

The MultiSyn iPhase is the most compact, versatile, and easy-to-use cassette radiosynthesizer!

The possibility of using a disposable synthesis cassette and a disposable set of reagents helps to avoid cross-contamination and ensures reproducibility of results. Thanks to this solution, MultiSyn iPhase meets the most stringent quality control and GMP compliance standards. Furthermore, when using non-proprietary components, the user can modify and develop their own cassettes. Using low metal content materials, cassette and reagent operating costs are significantly reduced.

Typical synthesis pathway: MultiSyn iPhase can perform the following synthesis steps in automatic mode. Users can also configure their own synthesis route by modifying the cassette and recipe.

With the system, you can perform syntheses on several isotopes, thus unifying and simplifying the requirements in radiochemistry laboratories with a single device. By simply changing the cassette for a different radiosynthesis, you save time and avoid cross-contamination.

Publications using iPhase systems can be found here.

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