Thin layer chromatography (rTLC) method 

Thin layer chromatography (rTLC) method

Radio-TLC scanner for PET/SPECT with optional flow detector and gamma spectrum analyzer 

Scan-RAM scanner is designed for quick and automatic quality control of radiopharmaceuticals used in PET/SPECT imaging. The device is fully controlled from Laura software ensuring data integrity, the possibility to change scanner settings, and analysis of radiochemical purity of the tested samples. 

On the front panel, there is only a button to start the scanner and a display to show the settings. All parameters are set using Laura computer software providing controlled access and audit trail. 

The device is available in three versions: 

•  Scan-RAM TLC: a detector tailored for PET/SPECT and emitters over a wide range of activities. The user can select two scan modes over time or for a specific number of counts. In addition, the user sets any scan speed that is best suited to the measurement needs. 

•  Dual Scan-RAM: Double functioning TLC scanner for PET/SPECT and radio-HPLC detector to meet the demands of modern radiopharmacy. Both detectors can operate simultaneously and independently, saving time and space. 

•  Scan-RAM MCA: Combined PET/SPECT radio-TLC scanner with MCA multi-channel analyzer saves lab space and speeds up QC testing. The user can simultaneously perform radiochemical purity and radionuclide identification testing. The spectrometer option is available for all Scan-RAM models. 

Scan-RAM is designed specifically for PET/SPECT applications with a number of innovative features to ensure regulatory compliance. 

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