Radiochemical extracts

Tracer QC Quality Control System

The radiochemical fume hoods we offer with Lynax, a Czech company, provide excellent protection for your daily work in the hot laboratory of a nuclear medicine facility.

The radiochemical fume hood has space for a generator located behind a 70 mm protective layer of lead doors. A 40 mm layer of lead along the sides and 30 mm down and back provides additional protection. In addition, there is a rotating cover shielded by 20 mm of lead in the laminar space above the generator opening. Furthermore, the location of the generator in the radial opening door allows for very quick and easy generator replacement. Due to its timeless design, the radiochemical fume hood provides thorough protection of products from particle and bacterial contamination. Class “A” laminar airflow completely washes the generator when the lid is opened with Pb 20 mm. At the bottom of the frame is a screened waste container, which is connected to the chamber workspace by a tubular slide-in.

Furthermore, the front panel has two rectangular hand holes and the entire laminar space structure is steel. A window made of 36 mm thick lead glass (equivalent to 10 mm Pb) provides even more safety. The waste receptacle is located at the bottom of the rack with the waste receptacle mounted on the rocker’s arm. The laminar space connects directly to the filler neck of the container with a plastic tube.